INDECS 11(3)

U. Kordeš and
Olga Markič
ii 2013 CogSci Issue
The Challenge of Interdisciplinarity
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H. Ghassib 266 On the Theoretical Problematic of Arabic Physical Science or why did Arabic Science Fail to Achieve the Copernican Revolution Abstract
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M. Merkač Skok,
J. Zoroja and
M. Pejić Bach
277 Simulation Modelling Approach to Human Resources Management: Burnout Effect Case Study Abstract
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S. Hossenfelder 289 On the Problem of Measuring Happiness Abstract
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S. Mitra 302 Utility Maximisation as a Pathway for Maximisation of Happiness Abstract
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S. Zhang,
L. Chen,
D. Hu and
X. Sun
310 Impact of Opinions and Relationships Coevolving on Self-Organization of Opinion Clusters Abstract
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I. Miloloža 318 Tendencies of Development of Global Battery Market with Emphasis on Republic of Croatia Abstract
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D. Lisjak and
T. Filetin
334 Predicting the Abrasion Resistance of Tool Steels by Means of Neurofuzzy Model Abstract
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J. Chen 345 Population, Migration, Living Standard and Social Pressure: A Modeling Approach from Thermodynamics Abstract
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  350 Erratum. Rahman, M.I.: Climate Change: A Theoretical Review. Interdisciplinary Description of Complex Systems 11(1), 1-13, 2013 Abstract
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