INDECS 12(1)

P. Piljek,
Z. Keran
and M. Math
1 Micromachining - Review of Literature
from 1980 to 2010
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W.-B. Zhang 28 A Study of the Role of Government in Income and Wealth Distribution by Integrating the Walrasian General Equilibrium and Neoclassical Growth Theories Abstract
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A. Hatzivelkos 46 Model for Energy Allocation in Heating Systems with Partial Distribution of Heat Allocators Abstract
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I. Salkić 61 Impact of Strategic Planning on Management of Public Organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina Abstract
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E. Krstić Vukelja
and B. Runje
78 Quality Service Evaluation through the System of Complaints and Praise Abstract
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E. Boukhalfa and
E. Zeraoulia
92 Existence of Super Chaotic Attractors in a General Piecewise Smooth Map of the Plane Abstract
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J. Abdussamad 99 Applying Systems Thinking to Examine and Reduce Dependency on Food Banks Abstract
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