INDECS 12(4)

T. Pustovrh 270 The Neuroenhancement of Healthy Individuals Using tDCS: Some Ethical, Legal and Societal Aspects Abstract
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G. Žavcer,
S. Mayr and
P. Petta
280 Design Pattern Canvas: An Introduction to Unified Serious Game Design Patterns Abstract
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B. Pikš 293 Interplay of Cognitive Efficiency, Cognitive Ability and Motivation Abstract
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J. Sever 305 Modulation of Motoric Processes on the Basis of Taijiquan Movement Prinicples Abstract
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I.L. Popa and
U. Kordeš
314 Looking into Self-Exploration Attitudes and Ways of Constructing Experience Abstract
Full text
B. Trpin 323 Why Credences Cannot be Imprecise Abstract
Full text
N. Gorjup and
R. Gorjup
334 Towards Contemporary Neuroethics: Why Does It Make Sense to Re-define Placebo? Abstract
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