INDECS 17(2-A)

Goran Pavlić, Sibila Petlevski and Saša Vojković ii Narratology and its Discontents: Narrating Beyond Narration. Editorial Full text
Mieke Bal 242 The Point of Narratology: Part 2 Abstract
Full text
Nina Dujmović 259 The Death of the Narrator in the Novel The Death of Artemio Cruz Abstract
Full text
Mischa Twitchin 265 Skipping between Text and Performance: some Questions of "Realism" Abstract
Full text
Boris Ružić 272 Lost in Narration: Transparent Storyteller and Mobile Spectator in Early Harun Farocki Abstract
Full text
Saša Vojković 282 The Humanist Vision in Neorealist Films: The Circularity of Influences in World Cinema Abstract
Full text
Mario Županović 294 Ambiguity of the Trauma Narrative in Claudia Llosa's The Milk of Sorrow Abstract
Full text
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