INDECS 18(1)

Nikša Dubreta and Erik Brezovec ii Editorial:
Interdisciplinary work of the International Specialist School for Prevention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation of Addictive Diseases
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Petar Nastasić 1 Development of the Family System-Therapeutic Approach in the Addictions Treatment in Serbia Abstract
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Erik Brezovec, Josip Ježovita and Zoran Zoričić 26 The Role of Social Integration in the Clubs of Treated Alcoholics in Croatia Abstract
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Zoran Zoričić 15 Comparison of the Development and Functioning of Addiction Treatment Systems in Croatia Abstract
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Živko Mišević, Andreja Bogdan, Maja Mišević and Tena Ružić 36 Cultural Patterns of Drinking and Alcoholism in North and South of Croatia Abstract
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Siniša Zovko and Nikša Dubreta 57 A Sociohistorical Overview of Harm Reduction Development in Croatia Abstract
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