I. Čaće and
J. Bryson
ii Guest Editorial Text
J. Stepanić iii List of Referees Text
A. Smajgl 56 Modelling evolving rules for the use of common-pool resources in an agent-based model Abstract
Full paper
E. Johnston,
Y. Kim and
M. Ayyangar
81 Intending the unintended: the act of building agent-based models
as a regular source of knowledge generation
Full paper
M. Neumann 92 Complexity of Social Stability: A model-to-model analysis of Yugoslavia's decline Abstract
Full paper
G. van Hofwegen,
G.A. Becx,
J.A. van den Broek and
N.B.J. Koning
112 Unravelling the unsustainability spiral in sub-Saharan Africa:
an agent based modelling approach
Full paper
R.C. Hoekstra,
H. van Arkel and
B. Leurs
138 Modelling local monetary flows in poor regions: a research setup to simulate the multiplier effect in local economies Abstract
Full paper
L.L. Smith 151 Complexity meets development - a felicitous encounter on the road of life Abstract
Full paper

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