K. Martinás,
A. Margitay Becht and
D.R. Herrera
1 Wealth, Groups, Ethics Abstract
Full paper
M. Pukl 10 Four Questions on Complexity and Learning Abstract
Full paper
J. Pi 21 A Political Economy Pattern of China's History: On Revolution, Reform, and Involution under Dictatorship Abstract
Full paper
B. Podobnik and
K. Biljaković
28 Scientific Output of Croatian Universities: Comparison with Neighbouring Countries Abstract
Full paper
A. Srbljinović,
Lj. Bakić-Tomić and
J. Bozić
37 Virtual Communities as Commons: Case Study of "Connect" Abstract
Full paper
J. Sindik and
N. Vidak
53 Application of Game Theory in Describing Efficacy of Decision Making in Sportsman's Tactical Performance in Team Sports Abstract
Full paper
G. Nestorović 67 Principles of Computer Modelling of the Solid Products Learning Abstract
Full paper

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