Anikó Szabó1,
Endre Szűcs1 and
Tamás Berek2

1Óbuda University, Doctoral School on Safety and Security Sciences
  Budapest, Hungary
2National University of Public Service
  Budapest, Hungary

INDECS 16(3-A), 320-326, 2018
DOI 10.7906/indecs.16.3.3
Full text available here.

Received: 2nd February 2018.
Accepted: 31st August 2018.
Regular article


Smart towns plan several progressive practical innovations with the aim of ensuring the convenience of its inhabitants and that of commuters or visitors. These innovations aim at not only ensuring convenience but also at increasing the living standards based on sustainable results with the help of smart tools and logical methods. The foundation of smart towns is to ensure the security of its inhabitants. Hence, it is a vital task to maintain the operation under normal conditions of critical infrastructure. According to the Act 1997. year CLIX. critical infrastructure is also related to the railway activity of MÁV-group. The Act concerns armed security sentry, conservationist and agrarian sentry. Hence safeguarding activity is performed by both security guards and armed security guards at MÁV groups. Their duties do not only consist of preventive security tasks but also defence in certain unique cases in accordance with the regulations of their field of work. In order for them to perform their duties properly it is vital that an extensive, regular and practice-oriented training of security guards to happen. This publication aims at illustrating the current training opportunities applied in the field of safeguarding that ensure the functioning of the MÁV group. Also, some potential improvements of training opportunities are shed a light on. We outline the internal training opportunities security professionals - employed by MÁV Co. - can participate at. Besides that, we illustrate the possibilities of employee retraining and courses professionals employed by MÁV Co. are offered in order for them to become well-trained professionals that can fit the complex system of the concept of a smart town.

smart town- smart people, critical infrastructure, railway, safeguarding, security guard, training

JEL:I28, O25, R41

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