Mirela Mabić1,
Marija Lasić2 and
Jelena Zovko2

1University of Mostar - Faculty of Economics
  Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2University of Mostar - Faculty of Agriculture and Food Technology
  Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
3Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

INDECS 17(2-B), 304-314, 2019
DOI 10.7906/indecs.17.2.7
Full text available here.

Received: 19th July 2019.
Accepted: 22nd May 2019.
Regular article


The objective of the study was to explore the barriers or the reasons behind the insufficient use of Web 2.0 technology in companies. The empirical research was conducted among managers in companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina during 2015. The results indicate that managers see information technology infrastructure (department size, technology implementation costs) and computer illiteracy as the main barriers to intensified use of Web 2.0 technology in business. The least relevant obstacles are related to the lack of support from, and the inability to protect the data privacy and integrity in an adequate manner. The results indicate that significant efforts to promote the benefits that Web 2.0 technology brings to the business are needed, which would, in turn, significantly affect the perception of their disadvantages.

web 2.0, barrier, Bosnia and Herzegovina, technology, obstacles

JEL:L86, M29

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