Maria Luskova and
Zdenek Dvorak

University of Zlin, Faculty of Security Engineering
Zlin, Slovakia

INDECS 17(1-A), 7-12, 2019
DOI 10.7906/indecs.17.1.2
Full text available here.

Received: 18th June 2018.
Accepted: 31st December 2018.
Regular article


Critical Infrastructure is an asset or system whose disruption or destruction should have adverse effect on the performance of economic and social functions of the state, and thus on the quality of life of residents in terms of the protection of their life, health, security, property, as well as the environment. Reducing the vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure and increasing their resilience is one of the major objectives of all developed countries. The Slovak Republic has already adopted some legal standards and measures emphasizing the importance of critical infrastructure issues and aiming at ensuring the required level of its security and protection. The paper is dealing with the tasks and competences of state administration authorities in the area of critical infrastructure and the obligations of the operators in the protection of the critical infrastructure element in the Slovak Republic. It provides also a framework, application of risk management process as a foundational concept for processing security plan, designed to protect the element of critical infrastructure from disruption and destruction. In conclusion it emphasizes the need of close cooperation between public and private sectors to ensure proactive approach to securing critical infrastructure.

critical infrastructure, security, resilience, security plan, risk management

JEL:H12, H84, J28

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