Ivan Jajic1ORCID logo, Sarwar Khawaja2,
Fayyaz Hussain Qureshi2ORCID logo and Mirjana Pejić Bach1ORCID logo

1University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business
  Zagreb, Croatia
2Oxford Business College
  Oxford, United Kingdom

INDECS 20(6), 723-744, 2022
DOI 10.7906/indecs.20.6.5
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Received: 1st October 2022.
Accepted: 8th December 2022.
Regular article


Augmented reality enhances the sensory experience of the real world, often across multiple senses such as visual, hearing, tactile and sensorimotor, with technology using computer-generated sensory input. Current literature reviews of augmented reality mainly focus on its generic usage or specific topics, such as medicine or tourism. However, augmented reality has become one of the prevalent topics in business and economics since it is one of the main growth drivers of disruptive companies. Since many companies are considering its usage in their business models, there is a lack of literature review in business and economics. Therefore, this paper aims to present a literature review of the scientific research that investigates the broad range of usage of augmented reality in business and economics. Web of Knowledge has been searched with the keywords "augmented reality" within the research area of business and economics for 2017-2021. Bibliometric analysis has been conducted to investigate the main journals, conferences, authors and countries. Finally, text mining with VosViewer has been conducted to extract the main topics, which are: (i): Technologies; Education; (ii) e-Commerce; Retailing; (iii) Tourism; User Experience; (iv) Consumers; Purchase. The results indicate that the research of augmented reality in business and economics focused on various applications, among which education is one of the emerging ones.

augmented reality, bibliometric analysis, VosViewer, keyword analysis, text mining, topic mining, education

JEL:M21, O3

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